Thursday, 30 July 2015

Boot camp


On Tuesday the 21st of July there was a huge surprise.

Mrs.sharma told Rm.5 that their is a surprise. Mrs.sharma could not tell us what it was about but she called up our house groups like she called out the Tripoli’s group and it was Hevani,Soane,Stephney,Paula,Deigshaun,
Arizona and she wrote Tri.

After Mrs.sharma said that after morning tea we have to sit on the blue benches.After morning tea we sat on the hard blue benches and we were very excited to get ready for the huge surprise so we went to the colorful dots and we sat on the dots in our house groups.

Not just Rm.5 got to the th surprise but is was for the whole school and when we were ready Miss.kyla came outside and said the teachers and she planned to have a whole school Boot-Camp.Everyone was excited because they were ready for it but i thought that it was a racing competition but it was’nt.

Then we went into 4 groups and went to each exercise but i went to star-jumps,skipping ropes,push ups,squats,sit ups, ho la hops,mountain climbers,burpees,medicine balls,lunges,high knees.But the easiest thing was star jumps because you just need to clap your hands the same time as you put your legs together.
After we finished we went back on the dots and we were talking about the reason why we had that is because of peaceful play and that means playing fairly.

After that we went back to our class and a was tired as a cat and hot as the sun.  

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  1. Great work Hevani, but avoid highlighting next time.