Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Earthquake shakeout

“Rm 5 today we are going to do Drop,Cover and Hold. Which means we are going to have a earthquake shakeout.” Said Mrs.sharma.

Mrs.sharma was showing us a video of people showing us what to do when a earthquake shakes like someone that is shaking a bottle happens. They showed us how to do and it is very simple to do it is Drop which means to go on your ness, Cover which means go on your ness and cover yourself, Hold which means hold on to the edge of the table and still cover yourself.

So  the drill began to start but it was outside but even if we could still hear it we still did the Drop, Cover, and Hold.
As we waited the drill went off and mrs.kelly said “everyone it is safe but please check the roll to see if everyone is safe thank you.” Mrs.sharma checked the roll and everyone was safe in the school.

Not just Tamaki Primary school did but the whole New Zealand did it even our parents and aunt's, uncle’s and everyone.  

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