Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Panmure Pools

One school day I went with my whole school on a pool picnic day to panmure pools.
At the pools I saw a diving pool, a hydro slide, a gym and it looked fabulous.

At the pools I could hear kids shouting and screaming in the hydro slide.
I could hear people splashing around from the diving board and kids dashing into the pools.
I could hear kids having fun and I could hear kids and the seniors laughing.

At the pools I had butterflies in my stomach as I went down the hydro slide.
I let out a loud roar when I went on the hydro slide and I shield my eyes from the sun as I came out of the hydro slide. The pool was just big enough for the whole school.
I was excited when I went down on the hydro slide.
when I came down on the slide my dad smiled at me.

On the picnic day I had a great day and I looked forward to going to the panmure pools again.

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