Tuesday, 23 May 2017

WAL how much sugar is in different drinks

WAL how much sugar is in different drinks

Today Room 7 were checking how much grams of sugar there were in drinks we checked 7 drinks, (Feijoa Smoothie, Coke, "V", Fresh up, Water, E2 and last Tea.)
We also learnt about measurement.
First of all we started with E2 and measured how much grams of sugar is in E2, Finally we found out how much sugar was in E2, ( E2- 75g)
Then we carried on with the rest of 6 other drinks.
Next up was Feijoa drink and the result of how many grams of sugar are in Feijoa drinks are, (Feijoa - 96g) Here is a list (pictures) of all the drinks and how much sugar there is in it.

1st E2- (75g)

2nd Fuze tea- (22g)

3rd "V"- (26.5g)

4th Water- ( No sugar, 0g)

5th Feijoa- (96g)

6th Fresh up- ( 98.0g)

7th Coke- (27g)

So we each got turns at things like one person got to pour some sugar in a bowl that was on top of a measuring scale, others got to help Miss Ashley by checking when to stop pouring some sugar. We kept on rotating until it was finished.
We tried our best throughout this lesson.
(Here are more photos of us during this activity)

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