Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Should cellphones be allowed in school?

Title: __CellPhones In School.__ 
Introduction: Surely in this situation I think that cellphones should be allowed in school. I am For because I feel that students should be allowed to have phones (for emergencies, Communication and for learning.) I have many reasons why we should be allowed phones in school. 
 First paragraph: 
 O: In my opinion I think that we should have cell phones in school because sometimes it can help you with learning but on the other hand it can also distract you from your learning and can keep you behind from others in learning. 
 R: Some believe that cellphones can help you cheat during your test, on the other hand I think that it can help you by using calculator not in test but when you really need to. 
E :For Example if your finished and your checking others work you can use calculate the answer to check if it’s right. 
O: So I feel that we should be allowed cellphones in school. 
 Second paragraph: 
 O: I think that what's best for us is what my opinion is in my introduction. 
 R :Another reason, what if you have an emergency or you forgot something at home? So during that situation I think that we should have our phones then, But I also feel that we shouldn’t have phones during class. 
E: Example, like if your class is going on a trip to the pools and you forgot to bring your togs and change of clothes. Also I think that teachers would ask for any phones before test or learning. 
O: I think what’s best is that we have phones and during learning time we should hand over our phones to the teacher or hand it in into the office. 
 Third paragraph: 
 O: My final opinion is that we should have phones I know it can distract you during learning but that’s why we give it to the teacher or office until the end of the day. 
R: In this situation I think that after all this debate and questioning, should cell phones be allowed in school? My answer is yes because of my other reasons and examples and because Well we wouldn’t use our phones for Cyberbullying because here at TPS we have CyberSmart which we learn not to use phones or any other technology for Cyberbullying. We learn to use our technology wisely. 
 E: We should not use our phones for Cyberbullying because it is not the right thing to do, children should not have phones if they're not mature enough to have a phone. 
 O: I surely hope you see my point of should we have phone in school. 
 Summarise the 3 ideas: We should have phones only for emergencies, learning and safety. I really hope you understand my reasons on should cell phones be allowed in school? We would not use any technology for Cyberbullying for we have CyberSmart at TPS. 
Recommendations or reflections: I feel that you are against and I understand. I’m sure you see my point of this situation. I really enjoyed this debate I really am excited and I am happy that we are discussing this question as a whole class.

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