Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hobbies Reflection

Today was an amazing day learning about the hobbies.
I like to do this again sometime soon with the class.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

PWC FliP Reflection

Today we had Tony and Abigail come in to teach us...
Here is a DLO about My PWC Reflection
And here down below is a video about me and Lydia doing a senario(A Play) for PWC FliP

Monday, 21 August 2017

PWC Flip Reflection

Today Tony, Abigail and Katelyn came into our class to teach us about PWC Flip and about saving money.

Thursday, 17 August 2017



One day their was an old lady and her grand-daughters they were going for a stroll, the old lady didn’t have her glasses so see couldn’t see, so because she couldn’t see she went instead of turning left and going into the beautiful botanic garden see turned right and went into the mysterious woods. The old lady was lost for hour and hours wondering around the lost confusing place. Her grand-daughters wandered the streets and the botanic garden looking for her, then it got dark so later on her grand-daughters called the police for help, “we lost our grandma and she is lost and scared of the dark,” said one of the grand-daughters so they all grabbed torches and looked everywhere for grandma but still couldn’t find her, then finally they found her and grandma says, “oh my god i’ve been looking for you guys, oh wait I don’t have my glasses, “here they are said one of the grand-daughters.” and everyone finally went home at last.

Pak n Save Recount

Today Room 7 and Room 9 went on a trip to Pak'nSave to read the nutrition information on food products to see if it's healthy or not, we left at 12pm and stayed until 1pm but before we left we got into groups of 5,6 and 7's, I was with Grace's mum and in her group was Her, Me, Lydia, Lopi, Auckland and Suave when we arrived at Pak'nSave in Glen Iness we met Tina, she instructed us of what we need to do once we enter the super market. So each group would go to one section

  1. Breakfast cereals
  2. Bread
  3. Muesli bars
  4. Snack foods
  5. Milk/Dairy products
Grace's mum's  group went to the Milk/Milk products section when we went to the milk and milk product section we bopped down on our knees and grabbed any milk that we think is good for us, I picked out the Standard Milk and here is the nutrition information:
Everyday/Healthier food
Energy (kj)- 263
Fat-total(G)- 3.4
Sugar(G)- 4.8
Sodium(Salt) (mg)- 40
Calcium(mg)- 117

So good soy milk nutrition information:
occasional/sometimes food
Energy (kj)- 273
Fat-total(G)- 3.5
Sugar(G)- 2.0
Sodium(Salt) (mg)- 40
Calcium(mg)- 160

after being in the milk and milk products section we carried on to snack foods then muesli bars then bread then breakfast cereals.
I learnt alot throughout this whole session I was suprised to see what the nutrition information said on some of the products/ foods.

I really enjoyed doing this I really hope we can do something like this again.

Heart foundation In-class workshop reflection


Narrative: The Adventure Of Bell

One day there was a teacher named  Miss Bell who was exploring the Wood/Jungle and little did she know that she wasn’t alone, she never knew that in the woods/Jungle there lived a Gorilla named Kong, their also lived a man named Tarzan who also lived the the woods/jungle.

As Miss Bell strolled looking for somewhere to sleep it suddenly got dark but then she stopped as she heard something or someone creeping up at her,
She turn around slowly and heard an animal yelling in ANGER!, then saw a big black hairy… “GORILLA!!,” she sprinted as fast as she could, suddenly she was at a dead end and turned around, quickly the gorilla SWOOPED her up and laid her on his back.

Later on the next morning Miss Bell woke up and saw that she was on top of a waterfall and behind was the gorilla,
She screamed and yelled for help as loud as she could, she was so terrified then at that moment Kong took her in his hand and raised her up high then he let go and she was falling down the waterfall to her death, Then out of nowhere came a man swinging from a rope, He Grab her before she could die, he told Miss Bell his Name, it was Tarzan.
Then from then on the both went back to their lives
And in this story the hero was Tarzan.
By: Hevani and Coralee


Here is my three limericks, I created a DLO and wrote limericks

Friday, 11 August 2017

Heart Foundation In-Class Workshop Reflection-HF

This is a presentation about the heart foundation workshop in class reflection