Tuesday, 11 April 2017

WALT: research a topic to build our understanding of it.

Today I learnt things about ANZAC some I already knew today I made a presentation about ANZAC here is my work that I have done and hope you like this also I hope you learn more things about ANZAC.

Monday, 10 April 2017

DLO- Hevani, Syraiah-Lee

Here in this presentation me and Syraiah-Lee have made a DLO on this question that was part of our reading....  What would you and your family do if you had to leave everything behind and nowhere to go.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Duffy Assembly

Duffy Assembly

On Wednesday the 5th of April 9 kids from room 7 stayed back while 12 others kids from both class room 7 and room8 went sailing. Us kids in room 8 were settling down during morning tea we had a lot of fun we had free time because it was rainy and was so wet out on the ground that we couldn't play outside so we stayed inside where it was safe and warm.

After morning tea we had a Duffy Assembly which was exciting for me I love to read I even finished a book in one day and night, there we lined up strolling down stairs into the hall where the assembly was held.
I was scared because we were the last class to arrive in the hall as I sat down I was so excited that I was there so I waited for the duffy assembly to start.

There it started on that very moment I stared at the two women and one man walking onto the stage, one of the woman's name was Madison she was a opera singer so was the others that came along which was, Katherine and Phillipe they happened to be very good opera singers and they were very good friends I know that to be an opera singer is hard because there is these musicians playing and you have to sing without a microphone so it's really hard to be an opera singer.

They were very specific when that moment when Katherine said "every book is a treasure, it's like it's a passport to enter the book and discover it."  I felt happy when she said those very words, as I listened to their story and just learnt that books can help you with your problems and with others things that you need help with.

I wish i'd love to hear them sing again sometime I really would love to have a duffy assembly soon.