Friday, 22 June 2018

Kia Manawanui Interview

Kia Manawanui Interview
This week Tuesday was the day were we got prepared for the interview, Tuesday morning I came into the class and saw most girls preparing the class for the film crew, some were stapling photos and reflections and some were laminating and others were helping Ms. Aireen. I came inside the class and helped laminate photos and reflections, after I finished laminating I then decided to help staple things on the wall. It took at least 1/2 a day for the student leader girls to prepare things for the interview. We rushed because Ms. Aireen didn't know about the interview and just got told about it so we rushed and some accidents happened but all was good.

Later on the Film crew entered the class and I could see on most students faces that some were nervous and some were excited, I knew that Ms. Aireen was nervous because she didn't know any thing until Monday. Lucky for us students we didn't have to do anything but carrying on working and to not look at the camera. It took a while but the next step was to interview Ms. Aireen.

For us students we kept on working while Ms. Aireen was beening interview, The interview took almost the first block, Just before the bell rang the interview was finsihed and done, the good thing was that we got through the interview but the sad thing was that only most of the class got to be in the film.
I really enjoyed helping Ms. Aireen and the class set the class up for the film.
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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Making connections with the solar system

Making connections with the solar system

Here I have a presentation that shows what we learnt about our solar system, in this presentation you will see that we have at least 5 questions that relate to our topic and it is about making connections with the solar system, Me and my inquiry investigation group have researched about our solar system, we had our questions relating to our topic and found some answers, we all had a slide each to talk about our solar system, In slide 5 i'll be talking to you's about how the planets got their names.
Here is the solar system presentation that me and my group have created:

200!! Blogposts

200!! blogposts
Talofa lava and greetings to all today is a VERY SPECIAL DAY, I finally reached 200!! blogposts after all the hard work throughout these years I finally reached 200. I did have some hard times with blogging but I did get through it. I am so glad that I have reached 200 blogposts this is part of my goals to get 200 blogposts.
I just wanted to say thanks to my friends and family and to my teachers for pushing me to blog more so that I could achieve my goal. I really am glad and also thrilled and hop that by the end of this year I will be able to get 300 blogposts so see you then.

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Girls Tai Chi lesson (T2W8)

Girls Tai Chi lesson
Today the Kia manawanui girls had Tai Chi today, today our power word was 'Courage' in my own words I think that the word courage means being able to do things without having fear or doubt about it. From what i've learnt I think that courage is important and you need courage every know and then. Throughout the 8 weeks of Tai Chi I really enjoyed having fun with friends and family and also being able to share things in between the group, I think that I am know improving in my confidence and have began to show more and more.
Here down below is my reflection of Tai Chi:

Friday, 15 June 2018

Music session!

Yesterday we had music, and for music this week we got to clap the song to This old man and also played a little game could Beat dogs. Everything you need to know about my session at music is in this google drawing, I can't wait to tell you guys about next week's session. Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 14 June 2018



Today we have wait for it... TECHNOLOGY!! today I am in cooking, last week was our FIRST week of cooking, we changed our groups so first I was in Hard materials but NOW I am in cooking I was really hoping to do cooking last because some say that cooking is best if you have it last.

Well any ways last week for cooking we made Hot Cakes, it was delicous what even made it better was having whip cream ontop and chocolate syrup, this week for cooking the year 7's made macarooni and cheese while the year 8's made quiche it was so delicous.

While making macarooni and cheese we had some difficulty finding out when to finish and when to start the next step, in my group was me, Lydia, and Taonga. What I found challenging was mixing everything together but what I found amazing is how our macarooni and cheese turned out in the end and the best part was getting to eat it.

I have to say cooking may seem hard.. well actually it is but at the end you still will be able to enjoy the nice cooked meal you have made, I have to stay me and my group did a great job even Lydia when it was her first time cutting the onions. If we all work together as a TEAM I am sure that things will turn our right at the end.

I just want to say that I really enjoyed cooking this week and last week I mostly enjoyed the hot cakes. I CANNOT wait for the following week.

Girls Tai Chi

Girls Tai Chi

This week we had Tai Chi again! And this week for Tai Chi we did our morning exercise and then got into a circle (Like always) So we then got a chair and made a circle as told. Then to start off our conversation Mr. Gordon started off by saying his positive comment and his negative comment, and also his random act of kindness. After a while of listening to Mr. Gordon talking we then started off by having the first person at the start of the circle stand up and also say their positive and negative comments and also again their random act of kindness.

We all got a turn to stand up and talk about our week then once the very last person finished we then got into talking about how Mr. Gordon's daughter (Jessie) had a bucket list of all the things she wanted to do before she ran out of time meaning before she passes, on her list she had it there that she wanted to celebrate her 25th birthday in Las Vegas with her friends, they all saved up for they're ticket to Las Vegas.

We then started running out of time and didn't get enough time to play a game or even talk about our word of the week but any ways our word of the week was 'Team work' and we should already know what that means.
I just wanted to say that I am thrilled to have Tai Chi for girls and can't wait for next week.