Friday, 6 July 2018

🎨 Visual Art reflection🎨

🎨 Visual Art reflection🎨 

Today on the last day of term 2 the Kia Manawanui syndicate had to write a reflection about their own visual artwork that they had done, so in each of our artwork we had to draw something that relates to one of our inquiry topic that we learnt this term, there was either Night and Day, Earth and beyond, The phases of the moon, and Gravity. In our artwork we also had to include something that represents us for example I included a pattern in my artwork because that repersents my culture.

I also wrote a reflection to go with my artwork, so the Kia Manawanui syndicate had to write a reflection to go underneath the artwork. I wrote down what I found challenging throughout spending time on this art, I also wrote down what I think I could do better, so basically I worte down things that I think could help me better. Here is a whole paragraph of what I wrote.

"I drew a picture/symbol representing my learning of Day and night and as you can see I drew a sun and a moon because it relates to one of the inquiry topics that I have been learning about (Day and Night) I also drew the Earth in the middle representing what I learnt in our inquiry sessions. Something that I drew in my artwork that reflects me is the pattern I drew on top of the paper, I decided to draw a pattern because it relates to my culture. I also decided to draw kind of a blossom tree on the bottom because I just felt like adding something to my artwork. A challenge I faced was finding what to draw, it was a challenge because I already had something in my head to draw about but then I would draw something different. I decided to do this because I wanted to show others in a creative way about my learning. If I could change anything I would change the jovies to felt tips to make my artwork more interesting and to make my artwork stand out.
The things that went well in my artwork is the drawing, I may of had some mistakes but I managed to complete, also the colours I picked were great, I pictured how I wanted it to be and it turned out great."

😖Missed the last day of Technology😖

😖Missed the last day of Technology😖

Yesterday was the last day of technology OF term 2. I don't even mention it but anyways I missed the last session of technology😖. The reason why I missed Technology is because I had to stay behind and complete me and my groups Solar system video fro Ako evening. Well even though I didn't go to Technology at least others got to go and have their fun time at Technology. While at least half of the Kia Manawanui syndicate went out to Technology the rest of us stayed behind and was given a task to do, I was suppose to start and finish my group's video in a block!! 

I had a lot of problems yesterday creating a video, I have experienced making a video before but I was struggling, I was struggling because I was pressured and felt that I wasn't going to complete the video in time for Ako evening.
Other than that I am glad that others got to go Technology AND that I finished the video in time.
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😃Last day of school!!😞

😃Last day of school!!😞

It's sad to say that today will be the last day of term 2. For some reason I am both sad and excited that this is the last day of term 2, I am sad that this is the last day of term 2 because during this term the Kia Manawanui had some really great AND fun memories at camp and I just don't want this term to end, I am also excited because IT'S THE END OF TERM 2! and during the holiday's we get to do amazing things I mean I get to do amazing things. Well I wouldn't say amazing I would say things that I couldn't do because of school for example: Like Sleep in. 

Sadly this also means that I won't be blogging about anything until I come back for Term 3😞, I have already gotten into blogging now, blogging is my passion and i'm afraid that because I haven't blogged during the holiday's I might lose my passion for blogging.
My last blog will be on my blog soon so please stay tuned. 
Other than that I hope that you all have a great time during the holidays, if you're going over seas then I wish you all the best.
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😌Ako evening😌

😌Ako evening😌
IALT: Write a reflection about Ako evening

Yesterday we had Ako evening DURING our school time, in the first block I felt pressured because I had to create a video of The Solar system in a BLOCK!! I had to create a video in the last minute because some group members weren't taking the recording seriously, Lucky I finished the video just in time for Ako evening(remember this is during school time). I had to be the one to repersent my groups project 'The Solar system' then came another problem for me, I finished my video but I had no table to present, it was ALL taken and when I mean all I mean every table in room 9 & 10 was taken so I had to share a table with another group that was also working on the planets. So everything was fine then and our presentation was going really well. 

So as classes came in one by one I could see that everyone was so concertraded on their presentation especially Kensington and Aletheia. They decided to compete against each other to see who gets the most visitors or students to see their presentation. I both enjoyed and also felt bored of presenting because sometimes hardly anyone would come to our class until the three bells rang again then children from 2 different classes would come at the same time, it was confusing. I really enjoyed showing others what I learnt, our learning could really help.

After lunch whoever was presenting in the middle block got to investigate others learning. So in other words we got to switch plays. So after reciving our clipboards from Ms.Komor we got into a single file line and went straight down to room 1. I actually enjoyed room 1's presentation, it was an interesting presentation, on our paper there was a question, and with that question we had to answer it. I have to say that I was impressed with room 1's learning if only I hadn't gone in and out to type in my password for the netbook, I had to go upstairs to type in my password to the netbook because the presenters were showing the video from my netbook. 

After the 3 bells rang we then moved onto the next class, room 2. We found in room two a moon that was covered in Tin foil which was an interesting choice. I could see that students from room 2 had learnt alot, (I don' t want to bored you to sleep so i'm  just going to summarise this reflection) so as we moved onto the classes we saw some creative ways of how each class presented their learning, I enjoyed walking around the school seeking others learning more than presenting. 
This term's Ako evening was interesting and I have learnt ALOT of things from this term's Ako evening.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Preparing for Ako evening

Preparing for Ako evening

Today the Kia Manawanui syndicate will be preparing for Ako evening, while the student leaders will be preparing for Ako evening the rest of the class will be at Technology, I am so sad that today will be the last day of Technology UNTIL next term. I really hope that today will be a great last Thursday of school. Today during the day classes will be going around the school looking at others learning, so will we. 

Please wish us the best today and enjoy the rest of YOUR day. 
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Bonjour and welcome back to my blog today will be a very busy day for the Kia Manawanui syndicate because today we have Ako evening! We have to finish all work that hasn't been completed and also have to prepare for Ako evening meaning setting things up and making the class worth of learning.

I'd love to stay and talk but I do have other things to blog about, I am hoping that I can get maybe 25 blogposts for July before school holidays begin. Other than that I hope you all have a good day today and wish you the best in whatever you do.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018



Talofa lava and hello to all, I am back to blogging again, this blog is a very speacial blog because today I will be blogging about my best friend(Lydia) reaching up to 400 BLOGPOSTS!!! (< Link to Lydia's blog) I just want to say a HUGE CONGRATS TO LYDIA for accomplishing her goal, I am shocked to see that you pasted me in blogging, for those you don't know Lydia let me tell you guys about her, first of all she is my best friend, we have been best friends since the day I started. Lydia is also a talented person she is loves to sing and perform, whenever I would see you perform a cultural dance or any dance I would see you also enjoying it. She encourages me a lot with things and I appreciate that, Lydia is also a student leader at Tamaki primary school, she shows the school values and is a hard working person, she is always staying on task and deserves to be a student leader. I am very proud of her, she has done amazing things and hope that she will do many great things in the future.
Once again CONGRATS LYDIA for reaching 400 blogposts.
Be sure to check out her blog and please feel free to comment down below.

(Lydia Bloomfield)

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