Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Today was the best I like KiwiSport(BasketBall) if you want to find more things about Basketball read my Basketball Reflection about this term.
I hope you enjoy this DLO.

Constable Teina

Today I made a presentation about our 3 lessons with Constable Teina I have learnt a lot but I also leanrt about our laws which is important to know about because when you outside in the world and you don't what your doing for example if your going to the shops with your friend and she or he steals something and you didn't know but even if she or he took something you were there with them and you also get into trouble too.
So I think that I really learnt a lot.

Te Tuhi

Here is a DLO about Room 7's trip to Te Tuhi Art Gallery in Pakuranga.
I enjoyed our trip I learnt alot about tapa cloths then I already know, It was fun I hope you enjoy my DLO about Te Tuhi.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


WALT: summarise a text
Today I made a presentaion about Matariki and the seven star cluster in the sky.
Today I read two stories
1. Story was about `The eyes of Tawhirimatea'
2. Story was about `The seven fish of Matariki'
Today I put together what I know from the story into this presentation.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

WALT: critically examine food advertisement

WALT: critically examine food advertisement

  • This advertisement is selling 1$ fries from "Checkers Crazy Foods!!"
  • It is trying to persuade me to buy this product by trying to make it fun by being competitive
From this I learnt nothing but I think that they trying to presuade us to buy 1$ chips to see who can eat the most 1$ chips.

Seed Bank(Pages 30-33)

WALT: make inferences while reading
(This means getting ideas from the story and adding more information of your own then comparing it to other stories.)
Today I was learning about seed savers and what they do here is a presentation about seed savers.
(Pages 30-33.)

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Persuasive Writing

Title: Should Children spend more time at school?

I think that children should spend more time at school, 2 reasons why children should spend more time at school
  1. So that they can learn more then what they already know
  2. So next year they can be ready for new stuff
  3. Extra Curricula
And so they can get more credit in their learning
And because of these reasons we both are “FOR”.

Some believe that spending more time at school is boring just because they want to have more fun then just doing work,
For example kids these days don’t do much work because all they think about is giving up and having more fun than learning more.
But on the other hand I think that because children don’t know much I think that’s why children should spend more time at school or teacher's could just give children homework everyday.

Obviously it is true that children just think about free time instead of focusing on their work.
For example kids Copy+Paste information from the internet so then they can finish and have
free time but they don’t even know what the information means
because they don’t focus on work.
So I think that children should more time reading books.
I think that we should spend more time at school because we can have more time to do fun things as well like Art,P.E and all those can of things.

So in conclusion I think that children should spend more time at school because of these three reasons, I really hope you understand our reasons why children should spend more time at school.

By: Grace, Hevani.