Monday, 17 June 2019

🤗🤝Kindness & Kaitiakitanga🤝🤗

Kindness & Kaitiakitanga
IALT: Understand what the word "Kindness"means/is

Talofa lava and greetings to you all!! Yes I havent been blogging recently but here is yet another blog, today's blog is all about Kindness & Kaitiakitanga. Within this blog there will be a presentation provided down below explaining what I understand when I hear or think about the word "Kindness."

Here is my Kindness & Kaitiakitanga presentation:

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

🗣👥Thursday Ako Evening👥🗣

🗣👥Thursday Ako Evening👥🗣
IALT: Share my learning with others

Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog!! During today's blog I will be sharing with you all what our class, room 9 has prepared for our Ako evening today. You might've not known but Ako evening was planned to be after school on Wednesday but for some reason which im not sure of Ako evening was moved to Thursday, my guess is because most classes were probably not finished with their presentations for Ako evening. First of all I would like to start off this blog by explaining what me and my group have prepared for our Ako evening. 

Me and my group (Lydia, Hiria, Hope) decided to prepare a presentation showing four peace activists. In my previous blog you might've read that each one of u girls chose one peace activist each and had to find out HOW those peace activist brought peace to their country. 
An example, I chose to research about Ron Kovic, Ron Kovic is a writer, peace activist and was former United States Marine Corps Sergeant, he was shot in the spine, he was wounded and paralyzed from the waist down, Ron Kovic was awarded a purple heart for his courage and service during the vietnam war. To summarise this Ron Kovic brought peace to his country by having the courage to fight at war to bring peace for his country. 

Here is the link to my previous blog about Ron Kovic: Peace Activist - Ron Kovic

Here is our presentation we prepared for Ako Evening: 

💻Cybersmart - My Blog Trailer💻

💻Cybersmart - Screencastify💻

Kia Ora and greetings to you all! Today I will be blogging about Cybersmart, creating our screencastify showing/explaining what our blog is all about. As it say's in the title there will be a screencastify that will show me explaining what my blog is all about, before getting into the screencastify I will be first explaining the main things that will be mentioned with my 
30 (or more) screecastify:
(Here is a list of the main things that are mentioned during the screencastify)

1. Blog profile

2. Blog contents
3. Blog detective - Part 2 blog
4. Reasoning of having a blog

Let's get to the screencastify:

"Hi my name is Hevani and this here is a screencastify of what my blog is all about, having this blog gives me the opportunity to share with others about my learning. On the right side of my blog you see my blog profile which is basically explaining who I am, my interests, hobbies and etc. On the left side of my blog you will see the amount of how many post i’ve blogged for each month. Here you see my blog detective post which is based on Hiria’s blog and with in this blog post I've explained what I know about her blog using evidence or information with in her blog/post/profile, thank you listening."

Here is my Blog Trailer:

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

✌🏽💛Peace Activist - Ron Kovic💛✌🏽

✌🏽💛Peace Activist - Ron Kovic💛✌🏽
IALT: Research peace activists.

Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog! During today's blog I will be sharing with you all which peace activist i've chosen to explain to you all how this person lead peace to their country/people. Example while researching peace activists I choose Ron Kovic and here is what I found out about this peace activists:

"72 Year Old Ron Kovic is an American anti-war activist, writer, was former United States Marine Corps Sergeant, and of course is a peace activists, who was wounded and paralyzed during the Vietnam War. On January 20, 1968, Ron Kovic was awarded a purple heart for his service and courage during the Vietnam War, he was shot in the spine and was paralyzed from waist down."
Me and my group (Lydia, Hiria, Hope) all chose one peace activists:
Me - Ron Kovic
Lydia - Nelson Mandela
Hiria - Samantha Smith
Hope - Leymah Gbowee
After explaining how each peace activist lead peace or caused peace to their country we then all added our own meaning of peace at the end of our presentation,
Here is our peace activist presentation:


Question of the blog: What does Peace mean to you?

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Friday, 31 May 2019

🕵️‍♀️Cybersmart - Blog Detective Part 2🕵️‍♀️

 🕵️‍♀️Cybersmart - Blog Detective Part 2🕵️‍♀️
IALT: Record what i've noticed about other's blog's by exploring their blog posts and profiles.

Talofa lava and welcome back to my blog! Today I will be blogging about Cybersmart - Blog Detective (part 2). With in this blog detective I will be recording information that I know about Hiria's blog using evidence with in her blogs. As you all know i've blogged about this previously but I was recording information that I know about my OWN blog.
Here is my DLO showing what I know about Hiria's blog:

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

🇼🇸🌺Samoan Language Week🌺🇼🇸

 🇼🇸🌺Samoan Language Week🌺🇼🇸

Talofa Lava and greetings to you all!! As it says in the title it is Samoan Language Week!YAY! As you all know each class at least prepares an item for the special asembly which is held on Friday whenever there is a cultural language week, in this case, Samaon Language Week. For Samoan Language Week room 9 & 10 have prepared two items, the first item which is a siva samoa will be shown by the room 9 & 10 girls while the room 9 & 10 boys will be showing the samoan haka. The name of the song us room 9 & 10 girls will be dancing to is called "Loimata o le fia fia"  we've been practicing this siva samao since last week Wednesday, I think that the siva samoa that the girls have prepared is going great and I would say the same as for the boys item. Enjoy the rest of the week, Samoan Language Week!!

Image result for samoan language week 2019

🕵️‍♀️Cybersmart - Blog Detective 🕵️‍♀️

 🕵️‍♀️Cybersmart - Blog Detective🕵️‍♀️
IALT: Explore and find out more about other's blog's.

Talofa Lava and welcome back to my blog! The title says it all, about what this blog is going to be about, Cybersmart - Blog Detective. First of all I would like to start off this blog by explaining what we had to do with this DLO:

1. We had to choose one blog we have been exploring BUT for our first blog detective we had to explore our OWN blog.

2. We then had to tak some time to explore the/each blog posts and blog profile.

3. After exploring the blog posts and profile we then had to record what we know about the blogger using the information with in their posts and profile.

After completing all three steps we would then move into creating yet another but the same DLO but this time you will be exploring another person's blog but before getting into someone else blog let me show you my blog detective on my OWN blog: