Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tane and the stars

Long long ago there was a powerful strong man called Tane.Tane was a maori man and he had supernatural powers. But Tane was magical and Tane had lots of strength to help himself.

But then Tane realized that there were no stars in the sky.When Tane looked upon him in the dark sky he could see that there was no light. So the earth became very dark after the sun went down.  Tane  felt very sad in the pitch black dark sky.Tane felt a little bit terrified.

Tane had an idea. He went to make a plastic basket out of flax. Then Tane made some stars which were  red, gold, silver and blue. Tane put a whole pack of shiny, beautiful stars into the flax basket. Then Tane the God went to the sky and grabbed his stars and scattered them all over the sky. Everybody saw how beautiful Tane’s stars were. Then they thanked Tane for his magical work he had provided.

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