Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maui and the land

MAUI AND THE LAND Long time ago their was a trickster called Maui, He lived In a whare with his four foster-brothers called Roto,Mua,Pae and Taha.Maui was the bravest out of his Inter village. Maui’s four foster-brothers Roto,Mua,Pae and Taha was so Jealous of Maui, so when maui was asleep Maui’s four brothers were talking, then Maui woke up with big eyes because he heard what his brothers were talking about. Then Roto said “We should leave Maui alone.” Maui was praising to God to help him. After praising Maui,had In idea, his idea was that Maui was going to hide in his brothers canoe,and Maui did. In the shiny morning Maui’s brothers jumped into the canoe and set off out to sea. With a huge surprize Maui popped out of his spot and told his brothers to keep going. Then Maui’s brothers obeyed his order. Maui’s four foster-brothers shut their eyes and slept. But Maui’s eyes were still wide open. Maui saw something and he went towards it. Then Maui found a great place to fish so he grabbed his white jawbone and punched his nose with his jawbone. Then Maui threw his jawbone into the crystal clear ocean. When Maui threw it he caught a huge stingray. Maui used his power and strength to pull up the stingray . Then Maui caught it and it was huge, It was a land.Then the land became the north island with beautiful trees and flowers.Then everybody thanked Maui and Maui’s brothers were proud of him.

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