Friday, 9 June 2017

Should F.S be allowed in school???

Title: __should animals be kept in zoo’s??__
I feel that F.S(fidget spinners) should be allowed in class.

First paragraph:

In my opinion is that we should have F.S because it can help with people who get stress.
Some believe that having F.S is a bad thing, well I think not because it helps you when you are stressed a lot even with work.
For Example if your angry or don’t what to do you have the F.S to fidget with, some say it distracts others but clearly if it distracts others, others would get annoyed and tell them to stop but instead others start to play with it as well.
So I feel that F.S should be allowed.

Second paragraph:

I really think that F.S should be allowed because it can help when you're angry.
Another reason, if you're angry or if someone make you angry you can fidget with the F.S, it will calm you down.
Example, if someone says something mean about you or they put you down, F.S can calm you down.
I think that F.S should be allowed.

Third paragraph:

My final opinion is that F.S should be allowed because it not only helps you in school but it helps outside to like at the doctors.
In this situation I think that when you go to the doctors and you're nervous you have your parents and also the F.S to play with.
Example F.S can distract you like at the doctors you can fidget with the F.S and it distracts you from knowing that you're at the doctors.
I surely hope you see my point of should F.S be allowed in school??


Summarise the 3 ideas
We should be allowed F.S inside class, school and anywhere.
I really hope you understand my reasons of should F.S be allowed in school.
Recommendations or reflections
I think that some of yous might be against and I respect that but I feel that I have to go for F.S should be allowed.

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